Opening the Virtual Community

This will be my sixth year as the school library/media specialist here at Hamilton West and I continue to look for new ways to expand the program from the Think Tank in order to create a “learning space” that will provide a truly transformative experience for the students here at West. The creation of this blog is intended as another step in that direction. This first post looks to explain how I envision learning in the Think Tank and how this blog fits into that learning experience.

I can remember sitting in the teacher’s room as I went back to school for my Master’s Degree in Library Science (Yes, you do need a masters to be a librarian – this is often met with surprise), and somewhat joking about creating a Think Tank. A place where you were surrounded by technology and learning tools where I would learn with the students and challenge the world by using resources to create – a place that would make learning fun.

Honestly, I was surprised to find in my classes that this was the same concept of a library that was being pitched. – The same concept that successful libraries employed. As a teacher I always dreamed of creating the same experience in the classroom. In my three years as a History teacher at Hamilton West I struggled with classroom management, curriculum, standards and pink, yellow, green, blue and salmon (to finish the color wheel) slips.

Going to school helped me learn a great deal about teaching and instruction and foster a more well-rounded and innovative teaching philosophy. Moving away from the classroom and becoming a librarian has allowed me to reflect on my teaching practice keep up with current trends, surround myself with the best technology that Hamilton Township provides, and focus my lessons (as best I can) to try new things. As a media specialist at West I am looking to use this blog to connect with staff, to share resources and ideas, and to work with teachers to create lessons that foster higher level thinking and ultimately learning.

After a time of trying to begin my blog, I’m going to pat myself on the back for taking a step forward and doing.

The Top 5 Reasons to Do


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