The Hamilton West Think Tank recently purchased a 6 month trial subscription of Turnitin.com. Turnitin is a great aid to teachers who are looking to improve student writing. It is my hope that many of the staff will utilize this resource this school year so that we can gather enough data to support the purchase this program on a full time basis.

What is it?

Turnitin is an online feedback tool that reviews students’ written work. Students can submit their papers to Turnitin and it gives them a “plagiarism score”. The database compares the paper with multiple databases and websites to find matches. This will display where the plagiarism occurred with a direct link to the source so they can see how they plagiarized.

The site also has an online grading component called Grademark. This will allow the instructor to view the students work and add comments as well as grammar usage and

Link: Turnitin Overview http://www.turnitin.com/en_us/training/administrator-training/learn/products-and-features

How can it help you?

Turnitin will actually make it easier on students work and give them instant feedback with the direct result to improve writing, decrease plagiarism and increase the originality of their work. These are all tenants of the Common Core Literacy Standards that cross over multiple disciplines.

Do I need to register for an account?

No. Every teacher has had an account created for Turnitin and should have received an e-mail that introduced them to Turnitin.com as well as supplied them with a temporary password. All you need to do is create a new password and login as an instructor.

How do my students access Turnitin?

Once you have an account as an instructor and create your own password a teacher, needs to create a class and a project. Once a project is created Turnitin will generate a code for the project and the teacher will generate a password. Teachers will then ask their students to create an account and access that class using the code and password. Once this is done they can submit their work.


I realize that the staff is inundated with new tools, but Turnitin should make it easier for teachers, not harder. While it will mostly be used in the disciplines of Social Studies and Language Arts, it may be useful to all staff. The website offers many videos to help and there will be training session some time soon. Until then just sign up for the library for one day and I will guide your students through the process of submitting their work as long as they bring a digital copy. I’m looking forward to working with those who are interested and welcome input and feedback.


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