Current Events

Current Event Day may have been my favorite part of history class in middle school.  As a young Alex P. Keaton, it was important to keep up with what was going on in the world in order to develop my portfolio.  In High School reviewing current events became an nice break in the routine when we would play a current events game on Fridays.

It seems like today that teachers are too burdened with standards, tests and curriculum to assimilate current events into their routine.  As teachers we know it is important that students are aware of local, national and global issues throughout the world.  Isn’t it important to teach about the Ukraine?

The fact of the matter remains that current events are a great way to teach history in a way that is relevant to our students.  The Common Core is pulling teachers away from the front of the class and encouraging students to read and interpret information to support their own ideas.  There are great lessons to be learned from Teaching News Writing to Teach History Writing.

The following are a list of some resources that may help students of different abilities learn from the News:

DOGO News – Create and Share Lessons About the News – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Has links to Common Core Standards and articles can be embedded in blogs (if you need help just ask), but blogs are a great way to get students to write for an audience.  They can review and comment on each others work as well, which would take some of the grading pressure away from the teacher, while providing immediate feedback.

Newspaper Map –

Really interesting resource that provides articles in various languages.  It is basically a big map that has links to newspapers throughout the world.  Students can select a country and explore what the news is for that day.  Would be great to have students compare and contrast.(Common Core skill that would encourage students to use information)

CNN Student News is Back for 2013-2014 – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Great resources that has links to videos (about ten minutes) on various subjects.

Interactive Guides to Global Issues (Website) – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

By Council of Foreign Relations this is a form of digital media with pictures and interactive content.  May want to research site and analyze bias.

BBC News in Pictures – BBC

Can search regions throughout the world and use pictures to activate learning.  Might be good to introduce topics before inviting students to further discovery.

Teaching Kids News – Short Lessons About the News – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Designed for middle school students, this may be an option for some of the student who have weaker reading abilities.

Ukraine is Crisis – Council on Foreign Relations

Three Short Videos and a Timeline for Understanding Current Events in the Ukraine – Richard Byren – Free Technology for Teachers

Teaching News Writing to Teach History Writing – David Cutler – Edutopia

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