Internet Security Risks

Internet Security

A new virus called Heartbleed has left a great deal of the internet exposed to attack.  So what does this mean for you?  It means that you may need to update your passwords for many sites.  I realize that this is a time consuming and often confusing process, but if someone access your credit card or other information it will be even more troublesome than dealing with the issue ahead of time.  If you wait for the individual sites to adjust you may leave yourself exposed, so act now.

What do you need to do?

  • Go to Last Past website and run a security check to see what passwords need to be changed or updated to protect your accounts. (Yahoo and Netflix are two of the most common sites that need changes)
  • Change passwords in those accounts and continue to monitor the situation.
  • Update:  If you are too lazy to keep track of all this password nonsense and don’t mind spending a couple of “bucks” than go to One Password, which for a discounted price of $25 will create a secure password for you, change the password periodically and automatically log you in with one click.  Check it out.

Facebook continues to surreptitiously expose you to security risks

As a teacher I prefer to keep my Facebook settings private so that students are unable to access my personal life from their home computers.  Unfortunately, the creators of Facebook have little value for your personal information and constantly change their user settings, which will change how people can view your information.  Please take a look at your privacy settings to make sure that your photos, posts and other information is only being viewed by those that you would like to view them.  Read the following article, “Your Facebook Privacy Setting Are About to Change. Again” for more information and take some time to review your settings.

For More Information

LastPass Now Tells You Which Heartbleed-Affected Passwords to Change – Whitson Gordon – LifeHacker

Heartbleed – Schneier on Security

Your Facebook Privacy Setting Are About to Change.  Again. – Brian Fung – The Washington Post

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