Ancient Medievil History

I began the process of looking through some resources that I have collected that are aligned with the curriculum.  As I go through these resources I am going to create small capsules in blog posts that summarize my findings.  Here you go.


Mummy Maker:  Created by the BBC this interactive digital lesson takes students through the process of mummifying a body.  It is a pretty cool simulation a bit slow, but informative.

Pyramid Builder:  Another simple simulation created by the BBC that helps gain a better understanding of the process of making the pyramids.

Historia – Game Based Learning for Middle School History:  Here is a link to the article, it is confusing what the actual rules to the simulation are but from the handouts it seems really cool.  To date I e-mailed the company and am looking for a response.

1st Grade History:  The Rise of Ancient Empires: Ignore the 1st grade history intro, the game could be used in classes and as a simple pre-test tool.  The teacher could give a time limit, create a class challenge or do it many different ways.


Dead Sea Scroll Digital Library: A host of information and resources.

Lesson Plans

Ancient Cultures New Broadcast:  A fairly simple lesson plan that is designed for middle school students, but may be a fun way to gain interest in ancient cultures.


Geodia – A Timeline and Map of Mediterranean Archeology and Culture: Designed to show students various artifacts that are searchable by a timeline and/or a map.  It can be used as a tool to make students “Archaeologists” as part of an activity but they would need computers and the interface is a bit confusing.

40 Maps That Explain the Roman Empire:  Awesome site with tons of great maps that can enhance instruction.  Just awesome.


The Past, Present and Future of the Bubonic Plague:  From TEDEd, this is a somewhat dry video but the video comes with questions, resources to look deeper into the issue as well as a discussion topic.


The Worst Jobs in History:  A fun site that students can “apply” for a job in the Medieval, Early Modern or Modern Period. From here students are asked to rank the job and answer a question.  Pretty simple activity that opens discussion about day-to-day life in that time period.

Daily Life in the Iron Age:  Cool site even if it is a bit simple but it takes tools and walks students through the process of making a Fire, there is another for making wool.


iTunes:  “Ancient Rome – Open Courseware:  Nice additional resources for the teachers.



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