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Looking through my resources for ESL students, I was surprised to find the limited amount of material that was listed.  There are many apps for iPad or Android that offer practice for language acquisition.  Many of these tools would provide great practice for students if they have access to the technology.  Additionally, it seem that there is a great deal of news resources that would be great to add to the classroom.  Outside of specific ESL targeted materials there are also other tools that would help ESL students practice English including digital storytelling tools

Reading Sites

The Best Sites for Introducing Maps to English Language – Larry Ferlazzo – Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Links to TONS of sites with links to TONS of sites, so it is a bit exhaustive, but if you are looking to incorporate geography into ESL this is a good place to start.

22 Frames – News Videos for ESL Students – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Seems like a nice collection of videos that provide additional assistance for students who are struggling with language acquisition

Common Core ELA Resources for Middle School Educators – Edutopia

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a nice collection of resources for all students on all levels.  The New York Times, and Newslea are all great resources that provide tons of reading material for different learning levels.

World Digital Library

Website provides tons of primary source materials from around the world that can be accessed by language.


Best Andriod Apps for ESL Students and Learning English – Ken East

Free Apps to Support Vocabulary Acquisition by ELLs  – Edutopia

The 15 Best iPad Apps for the World Language Classroom – Sarah Loyola – Edudemic

5 Useful iPad Apps for ESL Students,

We are not currently equipped with iPad or a continual set of devices that would allow students to interact on a daily basis, but by looking for apps for both Android and iOS a teacher can have the students download the apps to their phone and work on language acquisition on their own or during set class periods.

Cultural Authentic Pictorial Lexicon

Site offers a collection of images that is searchable by image and language, additionaly students can add their own images, which would be a good ESL project.

Word Lens, the Real-Time Translation App, Is Now Free – Patrick Allen – Lifehacker

If students have and can use their cell phones, they can download this app to take pictures and translate English through school or their everyday life – cool.


The U.S. State Department Gets in the Education Game – Katrina Schwartz – MindShift

A game that is designed by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) where students follow a fictitious character in the year of 2050 and visit cities around the U.S. and learn about American culture.  Sounds interesting…

Digital Storytelling

Five Goods Feeds for ELA and ELL Teachers – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Some links to good resources on teaching with digital storytelling and links to blogs and resources on integrating technology tools in the ELL/ESL classroom.  One of the better links.


Using Google Hangouts, which is available in Hamilton students can practice language with student throughout the world by meeting up and scheduling meetings with other students looking to learn languages.  Also, has the ability to meet with instructors at scheduled times.

Here is a list of Digital Storytelling Tools that would support various projects in the ESL classroom if you are uncomfortable using them please come see me in the library and we can work something out.

VoiceThread, ComicLife, Storyboard Generator, Meograph, Bitstrips, Sock Puppets, Power Point, Google Slides, Haiku Deck and many more…


Vocabla – Learn English and Spanish – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Another tool to practice vocabulary.

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