Audio Tools for the Language Class

Recently, our Language teachers have been given the task of creating an activity where students will be asked to add audio to specific prompts.  With the current state of technology, this should be a rather simple task.  We also know that any technological task is bound to face many hurdles.  For our larger classes students must have a quiet space where they can record from one of the many possible devices.

In this post I separated the tools into Google Docs and Drive, presentation tools, and additional tools and resources.  Using GoogleDocs seems like the most practical way to create an audio response to a prompt as the documents can be shared in Drive as long as students have or create a gmail account and share that folder with the teacher.  Many of the presentation tools may actually be easier to use for students but it would require them to sign up for accounts.  Here, teachers could create a prompt from a picture or text and students could respond to each “slide” with audio feedback.  Finally, I can’t help myself and added some additonal tools that may help with other activities that would require students to record their voice to different source material.


A Great Tool of Add Audio Feeback to GoogleDocs – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


How to Add Voice Comments to Google Documents – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers


6 Steps to Add Voice Comments to GoogleDocs – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Presentation Tools (for AudioSlideShows):

Other Alternatives:

5 Ways Students Can Create Audio Slideshows – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Really nice list of tool that look like they would work similar to VoiceThread.

Sokratic – Create Visual Narrative – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

Voicethread – I have used this and I really like it, but they have limited the “free” options for students.  Basically, student can drop an image or slide into a frame and record narration over the slide.  What would make this a great tool for the language class is that it will replay the audio and students can listen and choose whether they would like to keep the audio or re-record the audio for that slide.  The free version would allow each student up to 5 VoiceThreads with up to 50 slides each and unlimited voice and text commenting.  Students can also use their phones to add narration, but only three minutes of phone commenting available, which should be enough.  I think this is a great tool and would be willing to help.


TwistedWave – Create Audio Recordings and Save Them to Google Drive – Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

If you have your class set up using Google Drive, this Drive app would make it easy to integrate and organize audio recordings for teachers and students.

Print a QR Code for an AudioBoo Recording – Wesley Fryer – Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Nice article that combines two tools to create a nice lesson for classes.  Student can download AudioBoo on their iPhone or Android and record up to 30 minutes of Audio and create a QR code, which is basically a barcode-like image that would link to audio.  Would be great for language scavenger hunt.

The Peanut Gallery – Fun tool where students can add narrations to old silent film clips.

Here are some articles for further study:

How to Use the 5 Best Free Audio Tools for Teachers” – Christopher Pappas – eLearning Industry

SlideShark is the Presentation App to Beat – Mark Sample – The Chronicle of Higher Education

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